Pieces sewn by Malakai Vandelac - Model @mercigabe - 

Montreal's Garment District was originally located downtown on De Maisonneuve Boulevard between Berri street and Saint-Laurent . Furriers and warehouses lined the streets in this area at the time.

The Garment District later moved to the Mile End neighbourhood in the northern most edge of the borough of Le Plateau Mont-Royal. 

It has since moved again to its current location, along Chabanel Street. From 1964 to 1985 and running from Saint-Laurent Boulevard in the east to Meilleur Avenue in the west.

The street is still considered the centre of the fashion industry in Canada, with several hundred companies and thousands of employees operating from Chabanel addresses.

However, in recent years with manufacturing moving offshore due to lower labor costs, most garment-driven businesses closed their doors and most buildings turn to residential properties.

In 2019 we rented a space on Meilleur Avenue in Chabanel.

We are heavily inspired by the surrounding area and it's massive buildings but mostly we are amazed by the few warriors who stand tall and keep the fashion business alive.

This past year we met Fabric Wholesalers, Sewing machine technicians and experts, Seamstresses, Pattern makers, Leather workers and Designers that work everyday in this neighborhood to keep it alive and make a living doing what they love.

We are forever learning and creating. The reason why we only make small batch orders and release a couple times a year is because we are dedicated to making everything ourselves from concept and design to pattern making and sewing.

We walk out of the studio and meet our fabric distributors, choose the right fabrics and make things we really love to wear.

We are happy to announce that we will be launching a new capsule collection for PREFALL 2020 on Friday the 17th that will include our favorite samples in a full sizing made-to-order run. That means you order a style and your size, we make it from scratch, for you. 




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