Fuelled by a passion for racing, manga, sci-fi, heroes, and machines, NDSCLSD emerges as a fusion of imagination and craftsmanship.

In-House Mastery

We defy the norms, crafting everything in-house. We learned over the years to master the art of creating garments from heavyweight fabrics and leathers.

Your garment is a collaboration — meticulously tailored and personalized, a true reflection of your style.

Unveiling the Creative Process

Inspiration flows from the realms of racing and sci-fi, but the creative process is a solitary affair. In an era of constant connectivity, we choose solitude. No internet, no social media—just an undisturbed space to give life to designs that are uniquely ours.

Crafted with Conscience 

Fashion isn't an eco-friendly business.

We are aware of the impact that fast fashion and our current rate of consumption has on our environnement.

From manufacturing to distribution "cheap" clothes have flooded the market and left a permanent mark on our eco-system.

Rather than creating for the masses we focus on making individual showpieces that will stand through time.

We make everything ourselves from materials we want to wear.

We find creative ways to transform off-cuts in order to create intricate patchworks and accessories.

Everything that comes out of this studio is personalized and produced directly for the client. We apologize for the delays but we simply cannot manufacture such a wide variety of complex designs in large quantities and remain sustainable.

We are in love with what we do and we pay it forward by mentoring aspiring designers through internships.

Tailored Excellence

When you choose NDSCLSD, you choose unparalleled quality.

You also choose to buy from small team of artists who will tailor the pattern to you making the process easy and the result uniquely customizable.

Each garment, remade to your liking, offers a spectrum of possibilities—different materials, colors, or finishes. Your investment is timeless, backed by free repairs for as long as you own the piece.

Simply get in touch with us to see how easy it is to create your dream garment.